A Universal Definition of a Lead [Infographic]

For years, we have adhered to what we call a universal definition of a lead for effective lead generation whether B2B or B2C. Even today, it remains not only relevant but necessary to any lead generation strategies:

1. Right company or demographic– They fit the profile of the organizations or people that are already your best customers.

2. Right person– A person who is a decision maker, champion, influencer or at least a recommender.

3. Real pain point– The prospect has indicated a need for your services/products and has a keen interest about what you are offering.

4. Realistic decision timeline– The prospect has a strong likelihood of making a “buy” decision soon and has the budget to pay for it.

5. Willingness to engage– The prospect is ready and willing to receive further sales contact. At ALEA, we call this the “glue.” If a prospect is not willing to have a sales dialogue, nothing else matters. Once you have engaged the prospect, you must nurture until you have closed the sale.

We created an Infographic to illustrate this Universal Definition of a Lead. Please click the image below for the full infographic:
ALEA's Universal Definition of a Lead

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