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I thought we would focus on blogging this week as it continues to be a staple in corporate social and online strategies. From my perspective, there has been explosion of bad B2B blogs because they are blatantly self-promotional or simply repeating the same content over and over. I continue my treasure hunt for quality, informative B2B blogs and hope to share my list with you. In the meantime, if your company has a blog or you are considering starting a blog (if you do not have one – you are very behind!), here are some numbers to consider:

1. Who Is Blogging?

  • two thirds of bloggers are male
  • 65% are between the ages of 18-44 years old
  • Bloggers tend to be more affluent and educated than the general population
    • 79% have college degrees
    • 43% have graduate degrees
    • 1/3 have a household income of $75K+
    • 1/4 have a household income of $100K+
  • Professionals blog 10+ hours/week
  • Professionals have an average of 3.5 blogs
  • 11% say blogging is their primary income

(source: Technorati)


2. From the same Technorati survey, Micro-Blogging (using Facebook or Twitter) has become firmly established:


3.  As of July 2011, there are 164 million blogs online (source: invesp infographic). Of these online blogs, where are the bloggers located?

  • 49% are from the USA
  • 29% are from the EU
  • 12% are from Asia-Pacific
  • 7% are from Canada and Mexico
4. Finally, above-all, focus on original, valuable and quality content marketing. As a statistic, in my own view, this should be 99% of what bloggers, especially corporate bloggers, should be focusing on.
Are you a professional or corporate blogger? Share some numbers and tips on how your blog is providing lead generation for you.

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