Does Your B2B Social Media Campaign Deliver ROI?

Louis Foong 0

A new report suggests that a large number of social media campaigns don’t offer measurable returns. Here are 4 tips that might bring you better results. How do you measure the effectiveness of your B2B social media campaigns?

Unilever, P&G and Kraft are the “most social” brand owners. However, too many social media campaigns are short-term and low-budget and are still failing to quantify their impact on sales, market share or other financial metrics, according to a new report. The report from marketing information service Warc argues that marketers need to apply the same seriousness to planning, budgeting and measuring campaigns with a social media element as they do to more traditional campaigns. However, this is despite metrics remaining hard to quantify in many cases. The report looked at almost 800 case studies of campaigns that contained a social media element and found that the usage of social media by has grown rapidly the work being done is often “small-scale, short-term and lack quantified proof of their commercial effectiveness”.

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