How to Create the Perfect Social Media Posts – Part 1

Powerful social media marketing techniques

It can be challenging to scale up your company’s social media presence across a variety of networks since we know there isn’t one silver bullet. A multi-channel approach is always best. This infographic from myclever Agency takes the guesswork out of creating content for social media postings that you simply hand off to your team to accelerate the process and enable you to scale up your campaigns. In this 2-part series, this week I’ll be giving you a quick primer on how to create the perfect post on LinkedIn, Blogging, YouTube, Vine, and Instagram.


This is a major platform for many B2B companies, so it’s important to stand out.

  • Do some research and tailor your updates to your target audience. If a topic gets a lot of positive attention, post more like it in the future.
  • Make sure that your status updates are timely, attention-grabbing, and provide value.
  • Keep updates to 50 characters or so, and add a question to spark engagement.
  • Include a link that expands upon your points.
  • Join in the discussion in the comments.
  • Keep your link descriptions concise and accurate.
  • Best time to post: 7am-9am or 12pm-2pm.


With a longer word count, blogging can be a little bit trickier than a quick status update, but there are some general rules that you can follow to boost your success:

  • Keep your titles concise and include choice keywords.
  • Cover your key points in your first paragraph and aim to hook the audience immediately.
  • Include a relevant image – posts with images are more likely to be shared.
  • Keep your post between 500 and 800 words and include a call to action.
  • Give readers an easy way to share your post on social media – most blogging platforms offer the option of including sharing icons at the bottom of your post.
  • Include links to past blog posts or other relevant pages in your post so that your reader can learn more about your topic if they are interested.
  • Best time to blog: 12pm.


Expanding into video may seem daunting, but YouTube is an immensely popular platform that offers some great marketing opportunities. What makes a good YouTube video?

  • Use a catchy title with relevant keywords.
  • Make your video searchable by giving it a descriptive file name that reflects the content. On the same note, put some work into the description – include all relevant information, keywords, and links to your website, blog, and other social media channels.
  • Include a call to action that invites the viewer to interact further with you and your company.
  • Use tags! This is a great way to attract more viewers interested in your subject matter.
  • Best time to upload: 1pm-3pm.


The hardest thing about Vine will be getting your video to seamlessly loop. But while you’re still working on that aspect, here are some other tips:

  • You have six seconds, make sure that you use them wisely. Don’t use a kitchen sink approach and try to fit in too many messages.
  • Develop a consistent style.
  • Invest in a proper tripod to avoid shaky cam syndrome.
  • If you can’t record your Vine in a quiet place, use alternate audio tracks or music to clean up the sound.
  • Be smart with your hashtags – try to use trending ones if they are relevant to your Vine.
  • Do share your Vines on other platforms, like Twitter or Facebook, at optimal times for those platforms.


Savvy Instagram marketers know that a picture is worth a thousand words, especially if the pictures are beautiful and professional-looking.

  • Avoid obvious branding, and let your images speak for themselves.
  • Make use of apps that allow you to edit and enhance your pictures – there are a ton of free ones out there!
  • Instagram has slowly been moving into more video territory – stand out in your audience’s timelines by recording and uploading short videos.
  • Use the rule of thirds to compose your photos – your subject should appear in only two-thirds of the screen.
  • Make sure that your captions and hashtags are relevant and accurate.
  • Engage with your viewers in the comments.
  • Best time to post: 6am-9am on weekdays or 3pm-10pm.

Next week, I’ll be going in-depth on 5 more social platforms. Which platforms do you focus your B2B social media campaigns on? Let me know in the comments!