Interesting Infographics: 10 Hacks For Creating The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile

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As we know, LinkedIn can be a valuable and effective form of B2B lead generation.  Have you asked yourself these questions recently?

How effective is my LinkedIn profile?

Does my LinkedIn profile currently provide my prospects with a positive first impression?

The social media experts from Link Humans designed an intriguing infographic to help professionals, including B2B marketers, create killer LinkedIn profiles.

In order to improve or maintain your good reputation – as well as your company’s status – on LinkedIn, please refer to the following section. These are key points Link Humans has emphasized in their infographic, “10 Tips For The Perfect LinkedIn Profile”:

Tips To Consider For Your LinkedIn Profile

  • If you want people to notice your profile, consider publishing a post you’ve written.
  • Keep SEO in mind – incorporate key words in the summary section of your profile.
  • In your skills list, move your most significant skills to the top.
  • Ensure the groups you join are relevant to your industry; remember, the groups you are affiliated with are also seen on your profile.
  • Don’t forget to include your past and current volunteer experience.

Stats You Never Knew About LinkedIn

  1. If you add your photo to your LinkedIn profile, your profile may result in 14x more views compared to a profile without a photo.
  2. According to the infographic, LinkedIn users who incorporate their skills in their profiles tend to result in 13x more views.
  3. Hiring managers (42%) who utilize LinkedIn believe that emphasizing volunteer experience on a profile is just as important as highlighting a formal working background.
  4. If you are active in your LinkedIn groups, your profile is likely to be viewed 5x more in comparison to a user who isn’t active in groups.
  5. If you want to add 15x more views to your LinkedIn profile, try including an industry.

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10 Tips for the Perfect Linkedin Profile


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