Interesting Infographics: Blueprint for The Perfect Blog Post

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It’s 2014 so by now, we know that blogging is required for B2B lead generation. Blogging frequency impacts customer acquisition – 92% of companies who blog multiple times a day acquire a customer through their blogs. (source: Hubspot). So now that we have decided to blog, is there such a thing as the “perfect” blog post?

Thanks to Salesforce, we have the Blueprint for The Perfect Blog post.

The Components of a Perfect Blog Post

SEO Optimization – use the “golden” keywords if you want your post to reach a wide audience

Blog Post Title – should be catchy and contain one popular keyword

Image – always include at least one image that is colourful and interesting

Introduction – create a hook and explain why the reader should care about your post. Ensure to use the SEO keywords you have selected from your title in the Introduction.

Body – clearly state your case and use lists or bolding to make your text easy to ready.  This is a good tip – show your personality – remember you are speaking to people, not robots.

Use links (but don’t overdo it) – When you are referring to a product, news article or a person, use links to point to the sources.

Conclusion – Emphasize the main take-aways and actionable points for the reader.  End the post by asking the readers a question.

Related Content – If you think your readers can benefit from other posts, list related posts at the end.

Comments section – Monitor and respond in a timely manner to the comments on your blog.

Following the advice in the infographic below (please click on it to view a larger version), I’ll end this post with a question:  What elements do you think need to be in the “perfect blog post”? Also, if you blog about B2B, introduce it to us in the comment section below.

Infographic: Blueprint for the Perfect Blog Post

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