Interesting Infographics: Why You Need to Embrace LinkedIn for Lead Generation – Right Now

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If you need to know the best lead generation tool for generating B2B leads, your answer is LinkedIn. According to an infographic by Oktopost, LinkedIn leads to approximately 80% of conversions. When you compare LinkedIn with other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, this is a massive percentage; Facebook and Twitter have been calculated at a little over 6% and 12.73% in conversions respectively. I ask that you refer to the following section, which consists of stats from Oktopost’s infographic titled “LinkedIn for Lead Generation: Why, When, How.” After reading the info and viewing the infographic, I think you will agree that the benefits of LinkedIn should not be ignored.

Interesting Info About LinkedIn

  • According to the infographic, the best time to convert leads on LinkedIn is 2pm.
  • When analyzing LinkedIn posts that successfully convert leads, they tend to be 248 characters long.

Where Are LinkedIn Posts Published?

B2B marketers publish their LinkedIn posts via the company’s page, personal profile, and/or discussion groups. The subsequent stats reveal the percentages of leads generated from these different LinkedIn pages:

  • Company pages: 10.07%
  • Personal profiles: 3.63%
  • Discussion groups:  86.30%

How does using LinkedIn impact your B2B company’s lead generation? Please share your thoughts in the comment box under the full infographic.

Infographic by Oktopost: LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation


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