Is There More to Social Media than Meets the Eye?

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Social Media and B2B Lead Generation

In the spring this year, I wrote in one of my blog posts, that “social media is new and evolving”. That was in late April 2010. Today, in the fall of the same year, I have to say that social media has indeed evolved with great speed! This actually makes me want to caution marketers that social media isn’t like magic beans that will sprout into a lead generation beanstalk overnight. You still need a very strong foundation on which to build your demand generation efforts. Incorporating social tools and technologies into tried and tested target marketing methods will yield the best results.

Less than 6 months ago, I was questioning whether social media in the demand generation space was better suited for B2C than B2B marketers. Perhaps, one doesn’t need to ponder over that question anymore. It is time to start looking at ways in which savvy B2B marketers are utilizing and leveraging social media marketing for demand generation. I can see a lot more potential and opportunity arising from social marketing for the B2B sector.

Converse, exchange, share, connect, recommend, like, but most importantly, ENGAGE!

It’s all about sharing a story, encouraging a feeling of community, soliciting and providing open feedback, monitoring real-time perceptions, building and managing reputations. Take a look at some of these positioning lines:

  • Facebook – giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected
  • LinkedIn –  the world’s largest professional network
  • Yovia – the first People Engine –  spread the word
  • SlideShare – the world’s largest community for sharing presentations online
  • YouTube – the largest worldwide video-sharing community!
  • Twitter – the best way to discover what’s new in your world
  • MySpace Advertising – the opportunity to connect your brand with passionately engaged users!
  • Digg – A place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web
  • – the world’s first and largest blog search engine and a robust community blogging platform
  • –  the tastiest bookmarks on the web. Save your own or see what’s fresh now!

These are only the top 10 that came to my mind and there are so many more. The most important thing about all of these social technology tools is that they all share the common objective of helping people and businesses and brands engage their audiences. Whether it is B2B or B2C marketers, the fact remains that if you can engage your audience, you are closer to demand generation and conversion.

From social networking to social media marketing to social reputation management, the whole umbrella of social tools and technologies has increased in scope, expanse and potential. However, to reiterate a point I made in an earlier post, social media cannot supplant your traditional demand generation— at best, it can be an adjunct to your core demand generation campaigns, something that may produce bonus sales.

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