How to Select Shareable Curated Content

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As much as you might want your business’s blog or social media account to post amazing, completely original content multiple times per week, sometimes that can be unrealistic. One option is to curate carefully selected content from third parties that will interest your audience. The main concern is to make sure that the content you choose to post holds value for your readers – and don’t forget to credit the original source. A great way to generate traffic and engage your audience is to create “roundup” posts. Roundup posts collect a number of different links to content and pull them all together into one blog post. Often, the links will fall under the same theme, like “Paleo recipes” or “design trends”.  Siege Media has created an infographic that outlines the finer points of curating roundup posts. Let’s take a look.

  1. Use a plural keyword. Make it easier for your audience to find you. Search driven posts tend to generate six times more traffic.
  2. Create a short URL that uses the keyword. Don’t use a url that is made up of random letters and number. Short URLs are 2.5 times more likely to be clicked, and including your keyword is a top 5 on-page ranking factor.
  3. Use odd-numbered headlines. Using numbers in your headlines can grab you over 35% more clicks, and odd numbers generate 20% more than even.
  4. Aim for higher numbers. Posts that promise 35 items will do better than posts promising 16. Try to include as many items as you can, without diluting your content.
  5. Use a pinnable top-image. Pinterest’s pin technology is a great way to have your content shared widely. Pins with text overlay can receive 300% more engagement.
  6. Use floating share buttons. These buttons make your content quick and easy to share, and can increase social traffic by nearly 30%.
  7. Source professional photos. Looks really are important. An attractive, professional photo will grab attention, and can lead to 121% more shares.
  8. Be consistent. Disappointing content can cost you – consumers are 23% less likely to engage with a brand that has offered sub-par content.
  9. Keep descriptive text concise. Readability is the goal here – keep it short and sweet when it comes to your descriptive text.
  10. Make it skimmable. You want your content to be concise and objective – this can improve readability by 124%.
  11. Source content with high link and share numbers. Using content from high-traffic sites can give you a built-in distribution network.
  12. Reach out to people mentioned in the content. If people or companies are mentioned in your content, send them a brief heads-up and ask if they would consider sharing it on their own networks. This can triple the traffic that your post receives.
  13. Reach out to previous sharers. If another website or blogger previously shared one of the links in your post, let them know that you’ve gathered similar resources and see if they would be interested in sharing. Gaining more links will only help your content when it comes to Google rankings.

Do you have any other helpful tips for putting together an effective round-up post? What is your approach to curated content? Let me know in the comments!


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