“1 in 3 B2B marketers worldwide report financial contribution metrics to senior management”

Louis Foong September 8, 2011 0

…But Why Blame Marketing for this? Marketing has traditionally been the first to be blamed when things don’t quite work the way they should. Not much has changed in that respect over the years.

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Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing for B2B – The Debate Rages On

Louis Foong July 26, 2011 1

Popularity is a strange thing – whether it is a high visibility brand, a car, a pop star – as the popularity charts go up the numbers on the opposite side start to grow

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Social Media and B2B Lead Generation…A definite work in progress

Louis Foong March 22, 2011 1

– Take the statistics with a grain of salt A recent Survey by Hubspot, “The 2011 State of Inbound Marketing” offers statistics on the average cost per lead for Inbound vs. Outbound marketing in

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The expanding social landscape – integral to lead generation?

Louis Foong November 16, 2010 1

The scope of social technologies and their potential to help maximize B2B lead generation efforts is real and valid. But marketers must look beyond the eye-candy. Having a bunch of social media medals (logos

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Is There More to Social Media than Meets the Eye?

Louis Foong November 9, 2010 0

In the spring this year, I wrote in one of my blog posts, that “social media is new and evolving”. That was in late April 2010. Today, in the fall of the same year,

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Overcoming Lengthening B2B Sales Cycles

Louis Foong June 2, 2010 0

Recent research from a number of sources confirms what all of us in demand generation have suspected for some time now: (1) In spite of the proliferation of new marketing communications tools like social

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The Missing Link in Lead Qualification Systems: Sales

Louis Foong May 25, 2010 0

Demand generation marketers often spend countless hours designing and fine-tuning their lead handling systems. Complicated flow charts are created, lead questionnaire content is debated endlessly, forms are designed, and telemarketing and email scripts are

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Social Media Success Won’t Fix a Broken Sales Funnel

Louis Foong May 19, 2010 0

If you are a B2B marketer looking to use social media as a way to generate more sales leads, by all means test and experiment with it. However, first be sure that your CRM

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Social Media for Demand Generation….Is it more of a B2C than a B2B phenomenon?

Louis Foong May 4, 2010 0

Now, it turns out that small businesses (B2C) have also jumped on the Twitter bandwagon in a big way. From pizza parlors to independent and specialty retailers, small businesses are increasingly using Twitter to

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