The Most Profitable Content in B2B Marketing [Infographic]

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This is the type of information from Content Crossroads could transform your ROI (return on investment) – is the secret sauce? If we know which content provides the most profit, then why not focus our resources on that? Let’s take a look at what this infographic reveals and then decide:

The most popular content is featured at the top. If you have been reading any of my past material here, you would know that popularity is not the sign of profit or ROI. Keeping that in mind:

  • Twitter is the most popular according to 87% of B2B marketers
  • Articles come in very close in the #2 spot (83% of B2B marketers)
  • ENewsletters (78% of B2B marketers)
  • Blogs (77% of B2B marketers)

What is the most “precious” content? What type of content is most valuable that we should be focusing on?

  1. Videos
  2. Research Reports
  3. Webinars and Virtual Events

But wait, this is interesting. Keep in mind the list above when we find out that the following content actually influences purchase decisions:

  1. White Papers
  2. Case Studies
  3. Videos

Now which content will you focus your resources on? Videos or White Papers? I prefer to skip down to the more interesting information which is the content that provides the Highest ROI:

  • Featured Articles (62.2%)
  • Videos (51.9%)
  • White Papers (45.6%)
  • Photos (37.8%)
  • Interactive Media (36.0%)
  • Sales Copy (29.7)

So what is the verdict? Spend more time making videos or text related content such as White Papers, Blog Posts and Articles? Let me know which side you are on in the comments below:
Here is the full infographic and be sure to skip to the bottom to see a nice charge showing the times for buyer engagement across each medium.
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