So You Think You’re A Marketing Exec…

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How would you describe the role of a marketing executive?

As a B2B leader, you are aware that marketing execs have broad, diverse roles that require both “people” and practical skills. When you have a suitable marketing exec, this individual can help you build successful, profitable marketing campaigns.

This week’s infographic is by Pepperdine University’s Online MBA Program and I believe it is a useful resource for understanding the skills and experiences a marketing exec should have.

Consider the following, which is highlighted in the Content Strategist’s infographic “The Anatomy of a Marketing Executive”:

Profile of a Top-Performing Marketing Exec

  • Creative, an outgoing leader, open to listening to feedback.
  • Should understand mobile apps and online marketing protocol.
  • Depending on the industry, this individual should be skilled in another language.

Educational Background

  • College degree
  • Master’s in Business Administration
  • Internship placements during schooling
  • Courses completed in: economics, history, finance, sociology, psychology, advertising, marketing

Note: Marketing execs should have an understanding of budgets, media costs, potential market and marketing history.

Marketing Execs Are Responsible For…

  • Detailing marketing strategies
  • Working alongside leaders and staff members regarding contracts, promotions, etc.
  • Overseeing layout designs
  • Providing marketing advice to clients
  • Hiring marketing team
  • Negotiating contracts/rates

Click on the following image to view the full infographic. Do you think this infographic is missing any skills or experiences? Please submit your comments below.

So You Think You’re A Marketing Exec…

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